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3 Ways a Blocked Gutter can Damage your House

A blocked gutter is not just a minor annoyance rather it can cause major damage to your home or your commercial establishment if not repaired on time. Professional gutter repair and replacement companies throughout Australia recommend that a gutter should be cleaned and inspected at least once in a year.

If you have a blocked gutter and are looking for gutter replacement in Perth or any other Australian city, then get it fixed on priority as a blocked gutter can damage your place. Here’s what all damage a blocked gutter can result into

Damage to the Fascia

A blocked gutter cab causes damage to your fascia. Constant exposure to water and debris can cause cracks and rust spots to appear on the fascia. If not taken care of at the earliest, this can prolonged exposure can cause water to seep into your house also.

Water Seeping through the Ceiling

As mentioned above, prolonged exposure to water due to a blocked gutter can lead to water seeping through the ceiling. This, if left unchecked, can cause the water to spread through the wall and can even damage walls, paint, and even increase the risk of electrocution.

Mould Damage

Mould is a fungus which thrives in damp and wet conditions. If the walls of your house or your commercial establishment are constantly damp due to prolonged exposure to water because of a blocked gutter, then the chances of mould proliferating increases. Mould, being a fungus, can also cause health problems. So it’s best to call up a professional gutter repair service.