Tip of the Day – How to Test Your Gutter for Leaks

We all know that nothing is permanent in this world, and the same applies to your guttering system. It may look stable and properly functioning at first, but if you don’t take a good care of it, it can be infested by pests, get clogged, get covered by rust, and leak from all sides. This is why you should pay attention to prevent gutter from leaks and other costly repairs.

Here mentioned are the tips to test your gutters for leaks, and make sure they’re functioning properly. To clean gutters, you’ll need a ladder, a garden trowel, a bucket, a trash bag, a hose, and a rag.

Step 1: Find the Position:

Set up a ladder where you can climb it easily or choose a spot around the house that gives you access to the top of the gutters.

Step 2: Place The Hose Inside the Gutter:

Take the garden hose, turn it on, and take it to your position. Place the hose inside the gutter so the water will run into it.

Step 3: Look For Water Draining:

Walk around your house and look for water draining from the gutters anywhere it shouldn’t be. Periodically move the hose into all positions around the house in order to test the entire gutter for leaks. Use a torch light or flashlight in dark areas, and be thorough.

Step 4: Make Note of Leakages and Mark the Areas

Take notes and write down each possible issue you notice. All the areas where water appears (but it shouldn’t be), should be repaired as quickly as possible, in order to keep the system’s integrity.

Dealing with Gutter Leaks

If you notice few leaks in your gutter system, don’t feel upset. Most leaks can be patched easily. If the damaged area is beyond repair, a piece of the gutter system can be replaced. Looking to repair or replace your guttering system? Why wait…. Contact Perth Gutters, the leading residential gutter replacement service provider in Perth.