Tips to Keep Your Gutter System Healthy

The important part of home ownership is, understanding the functionality of the gutters and how to maintain them. The gutters help to manage and direct the water that flows down the slope of your house roof. Properly functioned and well-designed gutters can also help to prevent water from leaking into the foundation of your home and cause soil to wash away. Here are some useful tips to clean your home gutters and keep them healthy…

Extremely Careful

Whenever you start to climb your roof or get out on a ladder, be sure to do it safely. Always have another person on hand to help you, in case you run in trouble. Never work on the roof when the condition is wet, icy or windy. While cleaning the gutters, always wear non-slip shoes, safety glasses or goggles, work gloves to protect your hands from sharp metal parts or screw points sticking out into their toughs. If you are unable to reach your gutters, hire a professional gutter replacement Perth to finish the job.

Plan to Clean Your Gutters

Have a plan to clean your gutters thoroughly at least twice a year. If you live in a region with frequent storms or if the roof is beneath trees, clean it once in a year. Hiring a professional gutters Perth is a recommended option, if your gutter has been placed on a highest roof.

Best Place for Downspouts

Be sure to place the downspouts of your gutters Perth system in an appropriate place. Some downspouts are joined to an underground pipe which allows the water to flow from the roof, down the downspout and out onto the ground.

Removing Leaves and Debris

Remove all the leaves, twigs and debris from the gutter system. The easiest way to clean the gutters is to simply scooping out the debris by hand. Clean downspouts and connection points as well which are the prime areas of blockage. If you regularly receive lot of leaves into the gutter system, install a gutter filter that allows the water to run through the gutters.

A Plastic Scoop Makes Cleaning Gutters an Easier Job

You can use a plastic narrow scooper to grab more leaves, debris and twigs into a bucket. Mount a high-pressure nozzle at the end of the hose; now wash out each length of gutter, working towards the drain outlet. As this is a messy job, try to avoid splattering mud all over your house. Use a stiff scrub brush to remove encrusted dirt, if necessary. Try to flush the debris down with the hose, if the water does not drain freely through the drainpipes.

Gutter Maintenance

Commonly leaves, debris and needles get trap inside the gutters. When those leaves start blocking the downspout, the real trouble starts. The water gets trapped inside the trough, spilling out over the edges and damage the under layers of the roof system. A guard system can prevent too much debris from clogging or blogging the gutter system. Maintaining your roof free from leaves is a great way to ensure that your gutters stay relatively empty.

Hope you find these tips were useful. Take care of your gutters regularly!