What Happens If You Do Not Clean Your Gutters Regularly?

Do you think gutters in Perth are the essential parts of your roofing system? Then, definitely you have to maintain it at least once in a year. Many people forget to clean the gutters as they don’t appear to be significantly dirty. The following are the most common problems that occur when you neglect to clean your gutters at least once in a year…

Foundation cracks

Due to freezing temperatures in the colder months, water can be absorbed in the foundation cracks of your home which can potentially lead to serious problem. This damage is not easily visible as it occurs in between the walls and can lead to the formation of mold into your home.


Roof leakage

If your gutter cannot drain the water from the top of your roof, then the water will accumulate on the roof and cause structural fatigue. During cold weather, the gutters may fill with ice and causes snow build up on the roof. Later, the snow melts and increases the weight which can eventually harmful to your roof.

Gutter leakage

Even if your gutters are clean, gutter leakage can occur. So, checking your gutters is as important as cleaning. During routine inspection, the gutter repairs in Perth can be easily found and fixed. Unfixed leak can cause major damage to the exterior of your home.           

Basement leakage

Most of the gutters drain towards the bottom exterior of your home. If they are not cleaned properly, the excess water will collect around the basement and it causes basement leakage which is one of the hazardous problems.

Driveway/Sidewalk damage

The continuous outpouring of water from the gutters not only makes your sidewalks slippery but also causes damages like sagging and cracking etc. You can avoid this problem by simply directing the spout to another direction.

Insect Infestation

When you do not maintain your gutters, insects like mosquito will grow. It loves your wet and moisture filled gutters and can cause infections like malaria and etc. so, don’t let your gutters get moist.

Drowning Landscape

Most of the time overwatered plants do not survive; it becomes dull and dies to create an ugly landscape. If the gutters unable to retain the water, it leaks out into the landscape, including your exterior plants.

Rotted Wood

Some homes are made from wood. Without a proper gutter, the watercannot drain out and it will accumulate and saturate into the house. This causes the wood to rot which damages the foundation and destroys the home structure.

Make use of a professional roof gutter cleaning service to prevent serious problems that arise. The gutters can able to work more effectively without any problems only if you clean and maintain them regularly.