3 Signs That Mean You Should Replace Your Gutters

The primary function of your gutters is to channel rainwater away from your home. Your gutters may have served you for weeks, months or even years. However, every set of gutters comes with a certain expiration date. Here are a few signs that suggest that you might need to install a new set of gutters.


This is usually the first sign that you might need gutter replacement in Perth. While individual cracks pose can be easily repaired, cracks in large numbers can defeat the whole purpose of your drainage purpose of your drainage system. Large cracks are easy enough to spot. However, the smaller ones are harder to identify. If you face a substantial amount of leakage, then you need to get your gutters replaced.


Peeling paint usually suggests that you have a malfunctioning gutter. The paint on the exterior side may have bubbled or chipped away as a result of exterior moisture. In this case, you’ll need to check the condition of the nearest gutter. If you find more peeling, you might need to get new gutter installation in Perth.

Leaking and separation at the seams

The seams of your gutters where two horizontal sections meet are the parts of your gutter that are most susceptible to damage in the form of leaks and separations. Leaks and separations can both cause a nuisance inside your home. If you find this happening, you’ll need to get new gutters. Seams can be easily repaired. However, the frequency of damage has made many to abandon this type of gutter in favour of seamless gutters.