Guide on Downpipe

An Intuitive Guide on Downpipe

Guttering downpipes play a major role in dispersing rainwater from the roof area to the ground. Downpipes in Perth comes in a wide range of designs such as square, rectangular and round shapes to suit any style of residential, commercial or industrial building.

Common Problems Associated with Downpipes

The major problem with gutter downpipe is the gutters have not been properly installed. This is caused by the last minute job rush or installing downpipes by a non-professional. Poor installation of downpipe may cause water problems like flooding.

Sometimes downpipes fail to bring water far enough away from a home. This causes puddling around foundation and causes significant damage to home. Downpipes are easily clogged with debris, leaves, and other materials and this block may cause unwanted floods and leakage which may result in gutter breakage.

Signs to Replace Downpipes

  • If there is a crack or bent in the system, then it’s the time to replace the downpipes.
  • When there is no proper downpour.
  • Over leakage or flooding.


Square Downpipes

They are available in unpainted zincalume steel and a range of colour bond steel colours. These types of downpipes are designed to match or contrast with your roof.

Round Downpipes

Round downpipes complement with all building types and are seen in older style homes as they have a classical look and feel.

Rain Water Pipes

These are made of pre-painted steel, aluminium or glazed tile surfaces should NOT be drained into a plain galvanised gutter or downpipe.

Choosing properly functioning downpipes and gutters in Perth directs rainwater away from the house in a clean and efficient manner.