Maintain the Gutters

How to Maintain the Gutters and Drainage System?

Most people think their duty towards the building’s drainage system is fulfilled once they install the right gutters and downpipes, and tend to overlook the maintenance part. However, guttering, if not maintained well, will not only deteriorate but can also cause some serious damage to the outer appearance and the very foundation of the building.

The gutters help in protecting the roof of your house from possible damages that rainwater might cause. They safeguard the walls, interior, exterior, wood-work and the foundation of your house and thus gutters and downpipes in Perth need to be maintained regularly to keep the appearance and foundation of the building intact.

Gutters Perth Maintenance

Clearing a Blocked Gutter:

A blocked gutter can be cleaned using a long piece of wood or garden trowel, however, the debris should always be brought out and not pushed down the gutter, doing so will only worsen the blockage. Once you have removed all the debris, pour a bucket full of water into the gutter to check the flow of water.

Clearing a Blocked Downpipe:

Downpipes can be very easily cleaned of any debris using a long rod. However, make sure to cover the bottom to prevent debris from going down the drain.

If the blockage still remains after you have made all the necessary efforts to clear the debris, chances are a particular section of pipe requires more intense cleaning, which can be done by removing that particular section and clearing it separately. Tap the pipe to check the part where the blockage persists. You will hear a solid sound in the blocked area. Then, remove that section with the help of a screw-driver, remove the debris with the help of a rod or wire and place it back. You can use plastic caps or wire mesh to prevent blockage from recurring.