Maintenance and cleaning tips for gutters and downpipes

For the smooth functioning of gutters and downpipes, Perth homeowners must clean and repair them on a regular basis. Rainwater causes debris and storms and winds makes fallen leaves and broken twigs to collect in the gutters. If not cleaned, these may clog the gutters and hamper proper functioning.

  • The first most important step in cleaning gutters is to remove the dry leaves and the accumulated debris. Check the downpipe to make sure water is draining properly. If not, then clear the leaves and debris out of it to prevent mildew and sagging gutters.
  • Check for leaks, including holes in the gutters and cracked caulking in the seams. You may scrape the caulking and use bead silicon sealing to keep water from going behind the gutters.
  • If the rivets on the downspout are loose, tighten them with a rivet gun.
  • Using a pressure washer is the most recommended mode of cleaning the gutters. It is necessary to follow the instructions given with the washer. Make sure the gutters are secured tightly so they won’t off under the speed of water.
  • Old gutters tend to rust as they age, so it might be better to switch to new gutters made of aluminium or steel. You may also retain your old gutters by scraping out the rust, painting with a primer, and then using a rust preventing paint.

Gutters can last up to 30 years if well maintained. By following a few cleaning and tips for gutters anddownpipes, Perth homeowners can make their gutters last a lifetime.