Before Installing Gutters

Things to Consider Before Installing Gutters

Gutters play an important role in preventing water damage along the foundation and keeps landscaping from being harmed by heavy drip edge flows. If you are preparing to install a new gutter or replacing an existing gutter follow these simple tips to save more money on your gutter repair in Perth.

Gutter Sizing

The design capacity of the gutter system depends on the downpour factor. The important factors to be considered in the design of roof drainage systems are the area to be drained, size of gutters, downspouts, outlets, slope of roof, type of building, and appearance. Gutter sizing becomes complex for homes with multiple roof lines, various degrees of pitch and multiple gables. Scaling the system based on the square footage being served and factoring in your potential for heavy down pours eliminates the difficulty in developing this plan.


Pitch should be centred to ensure proper flow of water. Steeper pitch enables free flow of water and keeps the gutter dust free. Considering an extreme pitch add complications in its install along the fascia.

Gutter Guards

Many people when considering gutter installation in Perth wonder whether they need a gutter guard or not. Your choice to install guards should be based on your local environment, maintenance schedule and cost. If you don’t have a gutter guard, gutters are more likely to be clogged up and leaked often. Installing gutter guards is the more economical and the easiest way to protect your gutter system from leaves and debris.

Also before hiring a professional for your gutter installation project obtain a written warranty & performance guarantee. In order to save money do not opt for contractors who do not specialise in gutters or those that make use of sub-contractors.