Types of Gutter Materials

Installing gutters in your house is a great way to ensure proper drainage of rainwater and protection of your roof, paint, and landscaping. But the difficult part is choosing the right gutter material for your house. Gutters come in various shapes and colours, so be it first-time installation or gutter replacement, Perth homeowners need to have a basic idea about the types of gutter materials and their features.

Residential gutters are mainly made of the following materials:


The most widely used material, it is lightweight, and easy to install for those who want to do it on tier own. Aluminium doesn’t rust and comes in various colours with the option to be painted.


Copper doesn’t rust, doesn’t require paint because it develops a patina over time, and needs to be installed by professionals. As a result, it is an expensive material and mostly used for high-end residences and historic buildings.

Seamless Aluminium

Seamless (or continuous) gutters are made during installation. They offer great longevity, and reduce chances of leaks by eliminating many seams. On the other hand, they cost slightly more than regular aluminium gutters.


It is a strong material, but can resist rust for only five or ten years. Steel gives many colour options and can be painted, but it’s an expensive and heavy material and not suitable for DIY.


Vinyl is a lightweight and inexpensive material. But it isn’t available in many colours, can fade under sunlight, and can also crack in severe cold. It doesn’t offer longevity.

Armed with the basic knowledge on each gutter material before installation or gutterreplacement, Perth homeowners stand a better chance of making an informed choice of home gutters.