Gutter Replacements In Perth

The Most Common Reasons for Gutter Leaks

Have you ever experienced the dread of hearing water dripping from the gutter? Have you ever discovered a leaking gutter and wondered why this happening to me?! There are a number of different reasons that a gutter may leak. Here are the common types of gutter leaks and guidelines on how to fix them.


If there are too many leaves and twigs inside the gutter, water will still leak over the sides. Debris from trees, wind, and animals can block the flow of runoff water to the downspouts.

Cleaning out your gutters is a simple and also time consuming. So it’s better to hire a gutter cleaning professional.

Loose Fasteners:

Whether your gutter is fastened to your roof with hangers, screws, or nails, these can sometimes work themselves loose.

If your fascia boards are already rotted, you’ll need to replace those, because the gutters won’t stay attached to deteriorating wood.


Gutter holes are formed after several years of use. Tiny amounts of water can pool in a certain part of gutter section and cause corrosion over time.

In most cases, holes can be filled with a waterproof sealant. If the hole is large, you should probably just replace the entire gutter section.

How to Solve Leaks:

  • Clean out your gutters twice annually.
  • Make sure they are properly pitched so that water runs downhill and out.
  • Install leaf guards so they cannot clog up with debris that blocks water.

Leaking gutters can damage the siding of your home as well as the foundation if left unattended. If you detect leaks in gutters, it’s the right time to call Perth Gutters!