When is the Right Time to replace your Gutters?

A home improvement project that is not bound by a necessity is something that you might always want to procrastinate on. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be living in a displaced home adding stress to your already stressed up mind. You may even feel it unnecessary to invest money in remodelling or repairing areas in your home that may still have a few years of life in them. One of the common home aspects that are often left to the last minute for repairs is your gutter because many of us aren’t really aware on how long our gutters are designed to last and when we should seriously consider replacing them.

While it is true that no two guttering systems are alike and your local conditions of rain, wind, snow, etc. will often determine the length of life of your gutters, the general standards state that aluminium or galvanised steel gutters tend to last for about 20 years and copper gutters can go up to 50 years without replacement. That being said, you might still want to consider gutter replacement in Perth if you have moved into a new home and have no idea when the last gutter replacement was performed.

Here are some signs that you should watch out for in gutters before opting for gutter replacementor new gutter installation in Perth

  • Widespread visible rust on gutters and downpipes Perth
  • Numerous holes and prominent damage between gutter connections
  • Loose nails or lack of nails on the gutters
  • Mold formation and water stains

Water accumulation near gutter downpipes connections indicating leakage